The closet fairy failed to show, so I was left to muddle through on my own. (sad, i know.) And stepping out of my own comfort level is tough! I see all over blog land, skirts with chucks, and I think, Oh how cute! Try it on myself… and not so cute anymore. Is there an age thing going on in my head, or my Mom saying… Chucks? With that? Oh, wait that might be the Mr. Maybe a little at a time…. get used to the changes I wanna make. Like maybe a maxi skirt.


2014-04-11 09.37.21

My favorite shoes Target, Pants- Ann Taylor

2014-04-11 12.30.22

The weather is warming up… Yay! Shirt- TJ Maxx Tank- Gabriel Brothers



2014-04-12 10.12.42

Oh I am loving my chucks!!

2014-04-12 10.12.24

Easter Egg Hunt Tee- Gabriel Brothers Pants- Bass (yes, white before Derby Day! another rule shattered…)


2014-04-15 09.05.34


2014-04-15 09.05.26

I love this look… Nothing but a white tee and jeans… Tee- Target Jeans- Coldwater Creek


And what is the well dressed packer wearing today…..


2014-04-16 10.15.42

An over-sized tee stolen outta her Mr’s closet!!


What did you wear this week? Any changes you wanna make? Any rules you won’t break? Until next time.. XOXO


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6 thoughts on “WIWW

    • Gotta love the black tee…. goes with everything! Whew, I thought it was just me. I’m thinking plain white chucks, yes, no, maybe?

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