The Friday 5

“TGIF”, says Eazy E to his younger brothers, a minute later I overheard Nicky Baby asking J-Boy (like he would know, he’s 5) “What’s TGIF?” Hahahaha… Gotta love ’em. But I have to agree with Eazy E’s sentiment. TGIF… no homework, no getting up and rushing around, just sports,  life is way easier on the weekends. I have to say we are pretty laid back on the weekends compared to the fairly strict week day routine. It’s easier for Nicky Baby to have a pretty set in stone routine, but I like to be able to give him a chance to kind of be a little looser on the weekends. This has been a pretty good week… no school for most of it, snow and ice, (go figure) Stripes for Nicky Baby, J-Boy didn’t crash, and I have decided not to fight with Eazy E over his veggies! Much less stress at the dinner table! 🙂

2014-03-07 10.16.44

Nicky Baby has been getting alllll A’s!! What a great boy! When we first got them.. in was in danger of being kicked out of kindergarten!! To this… and he’s been on Green all semester! Chuck E Cheese here we come!

2014-03-03 08.49.37

Helper Kitty… She just loves to help me on the computer… See she wants to clean the desk!

2014-03-07 10.20.35

I love getting boxes in the mail… and when they have shiny stuff in them, SCORE!


My favorite house! 1788, renovated farm-house, I want! But the Mr. not so much, doesn’t change his drive time… and it is an old house.

2014-03-06 21.22.01

And this absolutely says it all!

There’s my week in a nutshell… how was yours? Until next week, XOXO


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The Diary of a Real Housewife

Easy Placemats

As winter is still dragging on… I needed a pop of color to cheer the graying skies and cloudy weather. What’s easier than Placemats? They add a pop and they are temporary which does my easily bored brain good. Looking for placemats is fun but can be harder than it looks, I have bigger dishes so I like a bigger placemat, problem solved! I’ll just make ’em! And after this so can you!

                                                                                                                                                                                        I used this pattern to cut all 6 of my placemats.

2013-11-05 08.56.27

This was probably the hardest part, deciding how big to make them. The first ones I made were cute… but much to small for my table. So… after much thought, and some alberga (who said you’ll never use it again?) I came up with 15″ X 21″ I rounded the corners using a round plate. At about 3 1/2 inches from each side, drew a line… cut… tada, rounded corners.

2013-11-05 08.57.15

Here’s the top fabric all cut. It’s a heavyweight duck fabric from, JoAnn’s. Bright and fun I think… just right for the pop of color I wanted.

2013-11-05 08.58.12

The bottom fabric came from a shower curtain I thrifted from The Attic Store. Loved the texture and I can flip them over… (who am I kidding… white?! They never get flipped!) Pin right sides together, then off to the sewing machine.

2013-11-05 09.08.03

Sew with a 5/8 inch seam allowance.. No reason that’s just what I used.

2013-11-05 09.12.41

Clip the corners, it lays so much better. Don’t clip the seam (bad.. very bad.)

2013-11-05 09.39.04

Make sure you leave a gap big enough for you hand. Turn right side out.

2013-11-05 09.40.44

I used this chopstick to make sure all the corners were all the way turned, and smoothed out.

2013-11-05 09.43.03

Iron flat, makes life way easier!

2013-11-05 09.56.35

Top stitch around the whole thing, I uses a decorative stitch, make sure you catch the gap, you left to turn.

2013-11-05 10.01.49

Tada, all done! For all 6 I used about 1 1/2 yards of each fabric, and took a couple of hours to make them all, including the first one that was too small.

2013-11-05 10.02.02

Top stitching on the backside, just makes it pretty, in case I ever lose my mind and have the white side up.

2014-03-06 10.30.35

On the table

All in all a really nice easy project, That’ll take you an afternoon to whip up. Not to mention you can make them any size, shape or color! Hope ya’ll enjoyed… and if anything is unclear please feel free to drop me a line or comment in the comment section. Now off with you… Go create!  xoxo


Once again it’s time for What I Wore Wednesday! Yay… I love the link ups… gives me a chance to see what others are wearing… and how they are wearing it!! With small boys to chase I don’t always wanna dress… but being put together is another story and I have to say… Thank God for flats!! Now I don’t have to wear heels, (unless I want the J-Boy to knock me off ’em) and still feel like a grownup. (To those of you who do chase small children in heels… you have my complete and utter devotion and amazement!!) It is, I will admit, a bit awkward taking pictures of myself… with my phone, seeing as I’m the photographer in out little household. And sometimes I do feel like an idiot while doing so… but being among friends helps. Not to mention keeps me motivated to keep it up and get better at it. So here we go… What I Wore Wednesday.

2014-03-01 10.56.31

Saturday… Jewelry Party!! I have to say Lia Sophia has some really nice stuff!! I can’t wait for it to get here…
Blouse: Coldwater Creek
Cardigan: Thrifted.. and altered!
Jeans: Ann Taylor
Boots: Shoe Dazzle (not pictured)

2014-03-01 10.56.47

This is from Lia Sophia, from their Genius Line.
It comes apart into 3 different necklaces. Here I have all 3 on.

2014-03-03 10.41.14

Snowy Mondays…
Hoodie: Google
Jeans: Thrifted
Thick warm socks… Haines!

2014-03-04 14.26.05

Since it is still cold, (when is spring going to put in an appearance?) and I was freezing. My new (old) favorite cardigan, I really like it after I cut all the 80’s fringey stuff off! And I can wear a scarf with out feeling Huge!
Cardigan: still thrifted
Jeans: Coldwater Creek
Scarf: Charlotte Russe

2014-03-04 14.25.35

A close up of the scarf… I do love it!

2014-03-04 14.25.16

I had to show my earrings today… Handcrafted by my Sister in law, who does amazing work!!

2014-03-05 09.32.38

And today… With 2 sick kiddos, comfort is the byword of the day.
Gray Tee: The Loft
Pink Tank: ???
Necklace: Charming Charlies

2014-03-05 09.33.01

Makes me smile…
Bracelet: Nicky Baby!! (and it glows in the dark!)

And that’s a wrap! Have a great Hump Day, (are ya’ll as tired of that as I am?) Wednesday! xoxo

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Snowy Mondays

It’s been at least 2 weeks since we’ve had any snow, so I guess we were due…. hum… at least this one is only gonna dump 8-12 inches on us as opposed to the 24 inches we got in the last snow. Aww, Winter, I wish to break up with you and start seeing other seasons…. I do hear Summer is HOT! Seeing as it’s snowing we are going to curl up in hoodies, thick socks, with books and movies… (no school, don’t ya know) and just veg.

2014-03-03 08.41.43

Snowy Mondays….

The Mr. brought me home the best present in the whole world… and for no reason! The very best kind in my book! A wireless radio… speaker…. I’m not sure exactly what to call it, other than Fanatic!!  It’s a Sound Touch by Bose. It hooks up to the wifi and will play music off my computer, (which would have been great till the boyz turn my computer into a paperweight and I lost alllll of my music!) However it does hook up to my Pandora, which is amazing!! It’ll do internet radio. It is way better than listening to it on my phone!! I love this little thing… and the Mr. for thinking of it!! (huge brownie points for him!)

2014-03-03 08.38.23

SoundTouch by Bose

Well, I’m outa here… Got to inspect Eazy E’s driveway clearing…. and “Frozen” is calling.  Have a great day, and we’ll see ya’ll back here Wednesday for another day in the life…. xoxo