Busy, Busy, Busy

It’s been quite the weekend. Busy work, but have I started packing, yet… Nope! Not a thing and the house goes up Tuesday! To tell the truth I’m really not expecting to much foot traffic there are tons of houses for sale in our neighborhood. While I hope they can get it sold… it’s gotta to be a burden on them, I really dislike have to interrupt my routine! It’s only going to be a few weeks… I can do this! 😉

So mostly this weekend I spent in my craft room! YAY!! New purse done, (the straps on the first just didn’t cut it.)


2014-03-30 13.25.27

New one… same design as the last.. but thinner straps, and maybe a smige bigger.



2014-03-30 13.25.57

Fun polka-dot lining






The Mr. decided my Goodwill table was ugly, just now! It’s been sitting there for months… and he decides now it’s ugly.  (FYI, it’s not ugly… just well-loved) it does need some work but I’m waiting until we get moved and the weather warms up to have at it, not to mention I haven’t really decided what exactly to do to it. So off he goes to Lowe’s… Home he comes with bags from K-Mart, which is going out of business, and what do you think he got at K-Mart to help my ugly well- loved table… A table-cloth! In a really lovely color. Goes well with bench cushions but not so much the place mats… There is my next project along with finishing the pantry (all will move with us, Thank God!)

2014-03-31 09.08.32

Pretty.. Light and springy and more along the line of the colors I’m switching over to. Place mats… not so much.


2014-03-29 17.08.15

Random Liath picture, because I can.


On to our lovely spring weather……



2014-03-30 11.31.50-1

Look at all the spring falling from the sky….


That’s all there is, there ain’t no more, (at least for today)  Have a great day all, until next time… XOXO






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