The Friday Five

I’ve been MIA for the whole week… Miss me? Yep, that’s what I thought. It’s been a strange week, The Mrs. Landlord was here with Ms. Realtor. I thought a day early, but nope, right on time! (I was a day off) So Ms. Realtor prolly didn’t get as many pictures as she wanted, (eh, Boys rooms!) Awww well,  when and if she call for a showing it’ll be better.  On that side of things, we did find a house we both agree on, it’s not the 1877 farmhouse that I had my little heart set on, (no I’m not pouting… anymore) But it’s a cute house that’ll let the boys stay in the same school. So no switching Doctors, or schools, or MMA! So all is good and we’ll be moving around May 1. Which means I need to get off my duff and start packing…. Yay!

See it's cute. Love all the trees... the flat yard and the laundry on the bedroom floor

See it’s cute. Love all the trees… the flat yard and the laundry on the bedroom floor

On to the rest….

2014-03-14 13.57.53

Cara has finally learned (or gotten big enough) to go down the stairs!! All by her self!

2014-03-22 21.38.45-1

Date night dress!! Thanks Katy!


2014-03-25 15.33.21

This is what I’ve been working on this week. (Beside cleaning getting ready for the house to go on the market) All done… and I like them better than the last ones. On to the next project…

2014-03-25 15.26.11

Smile, it makes ’em wonder just what exactly you’er up to…

That’s all I got for this week, Till next time, XOXO Have a great weekend all!

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