The Friday 5

The first weekend of Spring! Yay… while I’m dreaming of temps in the 70’s or so. I’ll be happy with the almost 60 degree weather with some sun that we’ll be getting.  Fingers crossed that Mother Nature got the spring memo that the solstice sent out! Attitudes have been adjusted thanks to a stern talking to from the Mr. So currently the 11 year old remembers he’s 11. It’s hard to be grown, when your an 11 year old BOY… all well he does have his reasons and I do understand them even if I don’t like them. Nicky Baby has had a somewhat better week.. more Greens than Yellows, 2 weeks on Green and I’ll let him get his Orange belt, (mean Mommy) However today is the Nicky Baby’s 7th Birthday so for today… he can do no wrong! ( ‘cepting be a twerp at school!)  But I have faith in him! So tonight it’s off to Chuck E Cheese! Woot Woot, Now where are my earplugs?

2014-03-21 07.19.35

He is now 7… 7 years old! Happy Birthday Nicky Baby!

2014-03-21 08.34.11

Spring is coming… it’s just around the corner. Things are beginning to green up and the hardy flowers are starting to poke their heads up!

2014-03-20 16.05.08-1

These are fractions. No really they are… and he’s reducing them using a rainbow? They don’t do this in high school… or collage… or in real life. Why teach them this and then have to un-teach it later? (or in our case, NOW)

2014-03-21 11.08.19

I just love this stuff! Makes me look like I have hair!! A bit pricey… but well well worth it! Truly I love the whole line. Works great!

2014-03-05 00.03.02

It is if you want me to speak in whole sentences and not stab anybody with a spoon!

That’s my week… How was yours? Have a great day and a better weekend! Till next time XOXO

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