Wooo… it’s time for What I Wore Wednesday… This one’s gonna be super quick, I’m still finding taking pictures of myself to be somewhat inane, so I’ve been semi slacking on that part. Not to mention most of it’s on repeat. I guess next week I’ll have to see what I can do about shaking things up. But that’s for next week, so here we go…

2014-03-17 12.19.23

Aw.. not going anywhere, not seeing anybody. No hair… No makeup… Give it a break day!

2014-03-18 12.15.12

Off to MMA

2014-03-19 10.23.56

Today, new hair… Can’t wait for the bangs to grow out!

That’s all there is, there ain’t no more. I’m off to start, finish a project that I hope to have ready for ya’ll tomorrow, I hope! Till then, XOXO


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