The Last Hurrah?

Hopefully this is the last hurrah for Winter!  It is starting to feel like this winter is never ending, a few teaser days of beautiful, beautiful weather… warm, sunny, sit outside with my morning coffee days  Then bam.. SNOW

2014-03-17 08.48.23

9 inches and counting

Enough with the weather already! It’s getting old, don’t you think? On to the rest of the story… (I miss that guy and his cool stories, Paul Harvey). We had a lovely busy weekend… Sushi, belt promotion, new computer and a grounding. I think we hit every high and low we could manage this weekend.

Nicky Baby is grounded till they go back to school, which is not today! But possibly tomorrow. He has done so good at school till this week, he spent Monday and Tuesday on yellow, and Friday on Orange, which is what got him grounded. His teacher made a note to tell me he was sad and unhappy, of course he was sad and unhappy… he knew he’d be in trouble at home for his poor behavior,  (but not sad and unhappy enough to quit being a twerp at school). So for the weekend, no staying up late, no electronics and no friends birthday party for my twerpy Baby! He still gets his Chuck E Cheese for his birthday, he did spend most of the first semester on Green, and that was the deal! A deal is a Deal!

The Mr. took us all out for Sushi Friday night! I love Sushi… and the presentation, is just amazing! I have a thing about pretty food (in the day to day making of it, I lose sight of that, but I love good plating) I think eating and the feeding of other should involve all your senses. After all feeding somebody is the most intimate thing you can do for somebody else, (outside the bedroom that is.) Plus it’s fun!

2014-03-14 19.46.10

How pretty is that? Not to mention delish!

2014-03-14 19.46.15

Eazy E, trying to decide if he’s brave enough to try something new, He did… He DID! A spicy tuna roll! Yay for Eazy E!

2014-03-14 19.58.20

J-Boy and the Spicy Tuna Roll… even though it looks like a rabbit tail!

2014-03-14 19.58.38

Nicky Baby just loves fried rice

Then off to Best Buy, (one of my favorite stores!) To I assume look around, gawk at all the cool electronics. Then the Mr. surprises me with ”  We need a new computer” Well, let me tell you what I went directly to the Apple part and drooled… I’d really like to switch. But I’d have to re-buy all my programs starting with Adobe CS5 and I’m not will to shell out that kind of cash after shelling out that kind of cash. So back to PC we go, we looked at the all-in-ones, but while the are cool and touch screen, they are not upgrade-able and they are kind of like having a really big tablet. So pass on the all-in-ones, back to the regular old desk top… upgrade-able and dependable.  Since I expect to have it for 10 years or better, upgrade-able and dependable is the best choice for us. Now all I have to do is figure out the new Windows 8.. or should I say 8.1.

2014-03-16 15.22.44

The new 8.1 with no start button! 🙂

Saturday was belt promotions… Eazy E is now a Green Belt! No longer a beginner but an intermediate student, which will mean for him longer and  more involved classes at a new time with a new instructor, Master C! I think he’ll miss Mr. D. But Master C will push our Eazy E out of his comfort zone where he’s been cruising at and make him work!

2014-03-15 09.49.58

Eazy E with Sr Master B, getting his green belt

Sunday was the best day of all….

2014-03-16 09.20.18

The Mr. and yes, he’s doing the dishes, after making a killer breakfast!

So how was your weekend?? Have a great day, and if you are where it’s snowing… be warm be safe. Till next time, XOXO

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