The Friday 5

“TGIF”, says Eazy E to his younger brothers, a minute later I overheard Nicky Baby asking J-Boy (like he would know, he’s 5) “What’s TGIF?” Hahahaha… Gotta love ’em. But I have to agree with Eazy E’s sentiment. TGIF… no homework, no getting up and rushing around, just sports,  life is way easier on the weekends. I have to say we are pretty laid back on the weekends compared to the fairly strict week day routine. It’s easier for Nicky Baby to have a pretty set in stone routine, but I like to be able to give him a chance to kind of be a little looser on the weekends. This has been a pretty good week… no school for most of it, snow and ice, (go figure) Stripes for Nicky Baby, J-Boy didn’t crash, and I have decided not to fight with Eazy E over his veggies! Much less stress at the dinner table! 🙂

2014-03-07 10.16.44

Nicky Baby has been getting alllll A’s!! What a great boy! When we first got them.. in was in danger of being kicked out of kindergarten!! To this… and he’s been on Green all semester! Chuck E Cheese here we come!

2014-03-03 08.49.37

Helper Kitty… She just loves to help me on the computer… See she wants to clean the desk!

2014-03-07 10.20.35

I love getting boxes in the mail… and when they have shiny stuff in them, SCORE!


My favorite house! 1788, renovated farm-house, I want! But the Mr. not so much, doesn’t change his drive time… and it is an old house.

2014-03-06 21.22.01

And this absolutely says it all!

There’s my week in a nutshell… how was yours? Until next week, XOXO


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