Snowy Mondays

It’s been at least 2 weeks since we’ve had any snow, so I guess we were due…. hum… at least this one is only gonna dump 8-12 inches on us as opposed to the 24 inches we got in the last snow. Aww, Winter, I wish to break up with you and start seeing other seasons…. I do hear Summer is HOT! Seeing as it’s snowing we are going to curl up in hoodies, thick socks, with books and movies… (no school, don’t ya know) and just veg.

2014-03-03 08.41.43

Snowy Mondays….

The Mr. brought me home the best present in the whole world… and for no reason! The very best kind in my book! A wireless radio… speaker…. I’m not sure exactly what to call it, other than Fanatic!!  It’s a Sound Touch by Bose. It hooks up to the wifi and will play music off my computer, (which would have been great till the boyz turn my computer into a paperweight and I lost alllll of my music!) However it does hook up to my Pandora, which is amazing!! It’ll do internet radio. It is way better than listening to it on my phone!! I love this little thing… and the Mr. for thinking of it!! (huge brownie points for him!)

2014-03-03 08.38.23

SoundTouch by Bose

Well, I’m outa here… Got to inspect Eazy E’s driveway clearing…. and “Frozen” is calling.  Have a great day, and we’ll see ya’ll back here Wednesday for another day in the life…. xoxo

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