Naked 2 and the Weekend Wrap

Saturday I got the Naked 2 palette! Just let me say Wow! Very nice colors… from matte to sparkly. But not over the top glittery. Just enough to wake you up. The other really good thing is they really do last allllll day. I am hugely impressed, and just love playing with all the colors. There are some really good tutorials on youtube to give inspiration, I however will not be showing the looks, close ups are not nice! ūüėČ But so far 2 thumbs up on the Naked 2 Palette.

After shopping, (score shoes… and Honey I really did save you money!) Haircut, what is it about a new haircut (even just a trim) that makes me feel sassy, maybe it’s the red shoes. The rest of the weekend was full of looking at houses and hockey! I love looking at model houses, ideas abound! Nicky baby is picking up Hockey like an old pro, while J-Boy reminds me of Brando’s first time playing tee-ball…. picking flowers and watching the butterflies! But he is having a good time and the coach is just amazing…. (patient) It does drive the Mr. a little crazy (competitive much?) But I’m guessing they will both get the hang of it.

All dress and ready

This is how to hold you stick

He’s got the puck

Opps.. over skate

Wow, the lights are shiney

The Friday Five

Whew, Friday has finally arrived! ¬†Yay!! Along with hopefully warmer temps, but as we have a lovely snow storm moving in, prolly NOT. Aww, Winter I am so over you… go away, far, far away! I’ll telling y’all now the first person that complains about the hot summer… well, use your imagination! On to the Friday Five!!


1. My paper flowers are coming along nicely… now I just need a form or something to turn them into the wreath I’m envisioning.

2. My favorite look for the week! I have never mixed patterns quite like that. I loved the blue pin stripe shirt with the floral cardigan, I’ll be wearing that … Lots! ¬†¬†

3. Eazy E shoveling the snow!! Who knew it would be so entertaining to watch him work?! 

4. The Biddy Girl’s homework… Grrrr…. imagery answers? Really?¬†

5. 2 of my favorite girls… goofing off!
Hope y’all have a fanatic weekend and we’ll see y’all back here Monday!
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Ok, So I’ve been slacking. Hoodies… Tees…. Jeans and Tennis Shoes. ¬†Borning and fairly sloppy (but warm). So once again I turned to “The Pleated Poppy Blog” for some accountability. It really doesn’t take any longer to put myself together than it does to throw on a hoodie. My men will just have to wait! Now… Now I just need shoes! Yes, shoes, I have a whole closet of killer heels that I love, that I feel like an idiot in chasing 3 young boys around in. So I am now on a mission, flats and mini wedges, ummm Shopping!! Yeah!! So here’s what I wore this week…

Cardigan, Turtle neck, and Jeans
all Coldwater Creek  and
a Christmas present from The Mr.
Cardigan, Target
Shirt, Thrifted
Jeans, Coldwater Creek
Next time… skinny jeans are a must!

Sunday Mass
Dress, ?? I don’t remember it’s
 about 15 yrs old
Cardigan, Ann TaylorShoes, Charlotte Russe
After Mass
Cardigan and Shirt, Ann Taylor
Jeans, Ann Taylor

Monday, and my current favorite!
Button down, AeropostaleJeans, Ann Taylor 

Cardigan and shirt both Thrifted Jeans, Coldwater Creek 
Boots, Shoe Dazzle

Cardigan, TargetTee, TargetShirt and Jeans,Thrifted 


Ok, so the cardigan  has taken the place of a hoodie, but I feel more put together and dressed(and warm)! I foresee many more cardigans in my future, at least till spring and some warmer temps.

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Snowday Monday

¬†After a fantastic weekend… warmish and maybe kind of sunny…. if you squinted with one eye and looked between the clouds…. Snow today! Yeah… No school! Not, the Boyz are gonna have to go to school till July if this keeps up. Somebody should of held an umbrella over the groundhogs head!
We had a great weekend! Off to Chantilly VA and the ¬†Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, it’s not as big as some of the other Smithsonian Museums, so it was a great way to start the Boyz off… (In case ya’ll didn’t know there are 17 different museums and 1 zoo, all under the Smithsonian umbrella) The one we were at had the Space Shuttle, Discovery and the Concorde plus tons of other planes from the huge to the tiny, old and new. Plus the Imax theater where we saw “Fighter Pilot”, it was pretty cool!
Sunday was full of Mass and football, Eazy E had a great game, with a caught interception, and several grabbed flags! Too bad the Broncos didn’t do as well.

From this….
to this

A real Space Suit
Nothing Stealth about mah Boyz!

The Space Shuttle

It’s been a long day..
but how does he sleep like that?

Yep, a long day!

So how did ya’ll spend your weekend?