Just another Monday

Friday night we went out! Sans kiddos!! Thanks to the Biddy Girl who graciously  watched her younger brothers. The whole night stretch out before us, it was amazing and I had forgotten what it was like to go to a nice restaurant and sit at the bar, and talk like grown ups!! Just let me say Joe’s was fantastic! Beautiful and the food was great! Then off to The Blue Fox, hahahahah, it has been forever since we’ve gone to a bar!  This one was pretty interesting,  and not a kiddie bar. One side is all given to pool tables and the like, the other had live music… mine kind of music! Altho I have to admit the one band… whose name I won’t mention, the lead singer… smh.. but the band rocked!  We were home by… 10, yep, 10 pm! We are getting old!! But it was fun while it lasted! 🙂


Joe’s Steak House! Yum..

2014-02-21 22.03.20

The rocking… Band

Saturday was taken up by house hunting… our lease is up soon, and while we would have liked to sign a new one. They want to sell, and I’m just not willing to buy. We want to be closer to the Mr’s work. So the search is on! I do love looking at houses, but I’d feel better if we could get one nailed down. The one I really, really liked, wouldn’t dicker… not at all!! (boo hiss) So i’m guessing that one just wasn’t meant! I do have hopes for the next one.. but he hasn’t got back to us yet… so do I wait or keep looking? Keep looking!!


The first one… that I loved! But they wouldn’t dicker!! So Nope!! Love or not


About the 15th house… would be perfect! Great schools… great layout… lovely kitchen!! But the guy’s not in a big hurry, which is fine. But I wish he’d send the form.. so we could at least get the ball rolling! And we could quit looking, not that I mind looking it’s fun. But I need a plan!

2014-02-22 13.44.55

What happens when we stop at fast food for lunch, while house shopping! I play with my food!!

So how was Your weekend?   Hope ya’ll had as much fun as I did!! Have a great day

2 thoughts on “Just another Monday

  1. Yiii Yiii Yiii…I had thought this would be the LAST one!… But maybe the perfect one.. the one with a porches, a solarium, a ‘cottage’ workroom… and TREES. Grown up ones! It’s out there!

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