The Friday 5

Yay!! Friday at long last… Now laundry or blog first? Hands down… Blog! This has been a pretty good week, mostly, minus the blue fingernail polish the He Who Will Not Be Named,( Nicky baby),… got all over the place! Grrrrrr…. but he is 6. We did get some amazing news!! The J-Boy… who has be delayed, his entire life… is NO Longer delayed!! Woot Wooot, which means, he is all caught up and needs no special services anymore. He is also not M/R… nor PDD/NOS nor any of the other wonderful things his last psychological test said! They did say he may or may not need speech therapy later as you don’t develop all the sounds you need till later but that’s fine by me!! He is ready for kindergarten!  And let me tell you what, that is cause for celebration!!


2013-09-04 15.28.08

The J-Boy rocks!! In the last year… Year, he has learned how to talk, be potty trained, skip, hop, cut with scissors, write his name, his ABC’s, numbers… and a whole mess of other important stuff!! He is truly amazing!

2014-02-21 06.42.18

The great sunrise… before the rain

2014-02-20 10.05.12

Who knew this would wind up being my favorite hair thingy. I used to tease the girls about straightening their all ready straight hair… and now look… I use this everyday! I guess they are getting the last laugh!

2014-02-19 13.46.58

My favorite craft of the week!!

2014-02-18 13.27.36

And with this…. laundry calls


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2 thoughts on “The Friday 5

    • Thanks so much, Amanda! I really can’t get over the difference a year can make, he has grown so much since we got him and his brothers! 🙂

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