Spring Purse

I loved my winter purse… but now I’m hoping for spring!  So I decided a new purse was in order, (hint, hint Mother Nature!) A little background on the fabrics before I get to the making… my friend Katy, over at Buffalo Gals Mercantile  inspired me to make a burlap bag! She makes the cutest bags, aprons and her Biscotti is to die for! She ships all over the country and has some great prices!!  So on to the inspiration part… I love the look of her bags… so I thought I’d whip one up, ( Katy’s are still better :))  But it was fun to make. And it makes me feel spring really is just around the corner…


2014-02-18 12.39.11

Cut out 2 pieces of burlap, the measurements I used were, 19 across by 10 high

2014-02-18 13.35.08

I did add a clear iron on interface to give the burlap some body and help it keep it’s shape. do this before adding the peats

2014-02-18 13.00.00

I made 6 pleats in each rectangle, which made my final measurements about 12 inches across, but yours could be different depending on the depth of your pleats.

2014-02-18 13.05.38

baste the pleats… after pining… trust me… pin, pin, pin

2014-02-18 13.22.28

you need 2 smaller rectangles, mine are 5 inches by 12.. the 12 I got from taking a soft tape and measuring the curve.

2014-02-18 13.22.45

Looks too small, but really it’s not. ease the smaller rectangle in and pin, pin, pin! It’ll fit.

2014-02-18 13.24.32

See fits fine. Sew together

2014-02-18 13.27.50

all sewn together… do the same for the other side. Pin right sides together… sew all the way around.

2014-02-18 14.05.49

Do the same with the lining as you did with the outer. *

Make your handles, mine are 5×23, and go side to side, close to the side seams,  put you lining inside your outer fabric… wrong sides together, fold the top in, for the outer fabric and out for the lining, pin close, sew around the top.

By the time I got to this part I quit taking pictures , ( I had to go pick up the J-boy from pre-school!) So I was in a semi hurry to get it done!! Sorry bout that.  If you have any questions on anything… feel free to drop me a line or comment in the comment section…

*Also for the lining… I doubled it, right sides out so what showed through the burlap would be pretty, and when you looked in it would be pretty.

For the rose… I used an easy tutorial that you can find Here 



2014-02-19 13.46.58 2014-02-19 13.47.06 2014-02-19 13.51.38


All done! And went together quick, about 3 1/2 hours. Try it… you might like it!

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