Crafty Weekend

This has been a crafty weekend, Valentine’s Boxes, jean fixes, (and I’m still working on my reusable towels..) I wish I’d taken so pictures of the making of Nicky Baby’s box, it turned out sooo good! At least he Loved it.. and I got the ultimate praise from Eazy E, “Cool Box, Mom.” But mostly I started with a black shoe box, printed out some Spiderman graphics off the computer… cut it all out, and then glue…glue… glue. To make Spidey stand up, craft stick between the mirror images. Added a few hearts… it is a Valentine’s Day Box. But our Nicky Baby is Spiderman crazy… and he’s been super good so it was fun to be able to make something different and tailored made to him!

Image   ImageImage

I also spent sometime “fixing” my favorite jeans! They are from Ann Taylor and I love the fit… mostly! The wash is great! The only problem I had with them was the gappy waist! It felt like they were falling down alllllll the time, so I was forever hitching them up! And bending over? Not in theses jeans, (I can’t pay for everybody therapy!) So after 10 minutes on my sewing machine and about 6 inches of nice wide elastic… Tada… my favorite jeans are really and truly my favorite jeans!


What I did was, pin the elastic in the center tight… 2 pins were pretty necessary in my opinion, then I pulled the elastic as far as I could to one side, while keeping the jeans as smooth and as straight as possible. Sewed 2 lines… one on top of the elastic and one on the bottom, I used navy blue thread so you couldn’t see it from the back, (outside) of the jeans, repeat on the other side… and voila no more gappy jeans!! Oh and try not to catch the belt loops, if you can. I didn’t really stress over that… I don’t wear belts as a rule. But if you do… try not to catch them or your belt wearing days are over!


Sorry…. but from the back. Wow, that’s just not a good look, is it? oh well, the jeans look good!!

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