The Friday Five

Whew, Friday has finally arrived!  Yay!! Along with hopefully warmer temps, but as we have a lovely snow storm moving in, prolly NOT. Aww, Winter I am so over you… go away, far, far away! I’ll telling y’all now the first person that complains about the hot summer… well, use your imagination! On to the Friday Five!!


1. My paper flowers are coming along nicely… now I just need a form or something to turn them into the wreath I’m envisioning.

2. My favorite look for the week! I have never mixed patterns quite like that. I loved the blue pin stripe shirt with the floral cardigan, I’ll be wearing that … Lots!   

3. Eazy E shoveling the snow!! Who knew it would be so entertaining to watch him work?! 

4. The Biddy Girl’s homework… Grrrr…. imagery answers? Really? 

5. 2 of my favorite girls… goofing off!
Hope y’all have a fanatic weekend and we’ll see y’all back here Monday!
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