Ok, So I’ve been slacking. Hoodies… Tees…. Jeans and Tennis Shoes.  Borning and fairly sloppy (but warm). So once again I turned to “The Pleated Poppy Blog” for some accountability. It really doesn’t take any longer to put myself together than it does to throw on a hoodie. My men will just have to wait! Now… Now I just need shoes! Yes, shoes, I have a whole closet of killer heels that I love, that I feel like an idiot in chasing 3 young boys around in. So I am now on a mission, flats and mini wedges, ummm Shopping!! Yeah!! So here’s what I wore this week…

Cardigan, Turtle neck, and Jeans
all Coldwater Creek  and
a Christmas present from The Mr.
Cardigan, Target
Shirt, Thrifted
Jeans, Coldwater Creek
Next time… skinny jeans are a must!

Sunday Mass
Dress, ?? I don’t remember it’s
 about 15 yrs old
Cardigan, Ann TaylorShoes, Charlotte Russe
After Mass
Cardigan and Shirt, Ann Taylor
Jeans, Ann Taylor

Monday, and my current favorite!
Tee, Kohl’s
Button down, AeropostaleJeans, Ann Taylor 

Cardigan and shirt both Thrifted Jeans, Coldwater Creek 
Boots, Shoe Dazzle

Cardigan, TargetTee, TargetShirt and Jeans,Thrifted 


Ok, so the cardigan  has taken the place of a hoodie, but I feel more put together and dressed(and warm)! I foresee many more cardigans in my future, at least till spring and some warmer temps.

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