Snowday Monday

 After a fantastic weekend… warmish and maybe kind of sunny…. if you squinted with one eye and looked between the clouds…. Snow today! Yeah… No school! Not, the Boyz are gonna have to go to school till July if this keeps up. Somebody should of held an umbrella over the groundhogs head!
We had a great weekend! Off to Chantilly VA and the  Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, it’s not as big as some of the other Smithsonian Museums, so it was a great way to start the Boyz off… (In case ya’ll didn’t know there are 17 different museums and 1 zoo, all under the Smithsonian umbrella) The one we were at had the Space Shuttle, Discovery and the Concorde plus tons of other planes from the huge to the tiny, old and new. Plus the Imax theater where we saw “Fighter Pilot”, it was pretty cool!
Sunday was full of Mass and football, Eazy E had a great game, with a caught interception, and several grabbed flags! Too bad the Broncos didn’t do as well.

From this….
to this

A real Space Suit
Nothing Stealth about mah Boyz!

The Space Shuttle

It’s been a long day..
but how does he sleep like that?

Yep, a long day!

So how did ya’ll spend your weekend?


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