The Friday 5

So we have made it through another week… whew. And almost another month, Where exactly did January go? I think time just evaporates… I guess the old saying, time flies is a true one. We are soooo looking forward to some warmer weather this weekend, before it starts snowing, again. ( I swear this is payback for gloating the past few years.) However I don’t know about y’all but I am really longing for spring! On to the week in review….

1.Lacrosse is back! And he likes it enough that he’ll be playing on a team come the spring season! 

2. The new way to do long division…. grrrr…. now we have to deprogram him to do it the right way! 🙂

3.The start of my flower wreath… with a more clear tutorial (at least for me.) Find it Here, so far it’s going pretty well… mostly just time consuming. I’m figuring several hundred outta do it! 

4. We had a beautiful sunrise this morning!!  
5. I love my music… I can live without the T.V., but not music. Pandora is the ticket for me! I can have music anywhere with it. Phone, tablet, computer and yes through my TV when I’m downstairs. And very worth upgrading to Pandora One
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