And we’re back

This has been a week…. of no school and the Flu! Yuck… Nicky Baby was the first struck with a mild case, (the boy is a brick!) Then the J-Boy who had a real case… red eyes, fever, and quite… he’s never quite, so off to the Doctor’s we went. 3 doses of tamiflu and I had my J-Boy back. Then of course the Mr got it… and shared with me. (I just Love that Man!) Eazy E is the only one that escaped!! Lucky boy!! Even the Biddy Girl was sick. However all is well, mostly… and back on our normal schedule and with a full day of school today (cartwheels are being turned) I’m hoping to get stuff done! (uh-hu)

On to the crafty bit, I got the boxes done for the boyz homework…. it is amazing how much paper they bring home! It was just sitting in piles… lurking… waiting to fall on an unsuspecting person, or cat! So now it’s getting organized and at the end of year, I can go through it (at my leisure) and cull out the really good stuff, the quirky, and the hand prints.

 From shipping boxes to homework keepers, all it took was a bit of black paint (who said you can’t paint cardboard?) A little fabric for the edges, just to keep it all looking neat, and their names, so I don’t get them messed up! and best of all… all the paper they bring home fits… standing up I may, or not do up some dividers but we’ll have to see about that one.    

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