What to do today

So with it being MLK Day and a federal holiday the kiddies are outa school…. as a matter of fact they don’t go back to school till Thursday, (I jinxed it!) Ho Humm… But it’s actually all good. I do enjoy their company and they are fun to play with. Another upside… no rushing around in the  morning!!

 So on today’s agenda…

Paper Flower Kusudama Ball
Japanese Kusudama

Isn’t it pretty? I was looking at my front door and noticing how bare and lonely it looked now that the Christmas wreath is all packed away. So why not make a few of these and make them into a wreath? This would be the tutorial I found… where else but on Pinterest! http://findinspirations.com/2009/07/handmade/ 

I’m also hoping to finish… (start) the boxes I have in mind to corral the boyz homework before it takes all the way over. Should be an easy peasy project, the Flowers?? Prolly not hard (at least not in the tutorial) but certainly time consuming.

The weekend was just chocked full of Boys, sports, and sleepovers! We had Eazy E’s Birthday Party at the Laser Tag place in town… it gave all the boys (and a few dad’s) something fun to do, add pizza and cake… success! Then on to Roller hockey and Flag football, before watching the really big boys play! What a great weekend! (Not to mention the Bronco’s are going to the Superbowl!! Woot Woot!)


 Eating Pizza and getting “caked” Thanks to a sibling tradition… (sniff, sniff)

Roller Hockey is soooo much fun! I just love to watch the little guys play… 

Flag Football is way different then tackle football, I don’t know if it’s because it’s indoor, or because it’s flag. But it is interesting to watch! It’ll be better after I figure out all the rules and why they start at one end of the field instead of the middle. But as long as Eazy E likes it… it’s all good and I’ll catch up!


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