The Friday Five

It’s Friday, yep, really. And we’ve made it through a whole week of school… woohoo… we’re on a roll. (Now as long as I didn’t jinx it) It’s nice to settle back into a normal routine. It makes my guys easier to deal with.

Eazy E’s now 11!! Woo Hooo, oh boy,
closer to the dreaded teeny booper years!

Jay-Boys’ new glasses! 
Slope, foiling, and imagery 1’s

Laundry/mud room befores

Door folding table…

Yesterday was Eazy E’s birthday, and it’s tradition in our house that you get to pick dinner… what ever you want! Well…. E loves tuna casserole. The Mr. hates tuna casserole, so The Mr. says to E… pick something different please, Off to E’s favorite Mexican food restaurant we go! They were great!! Party at the laser tag place tomorrow!!

I’m in the process of making my long narrow laundry/mud room work for me and mine… and maybe pretty? But I’ll settle for somewhat organized and functional!

To fix my previous problem… I’ve decided to buy a circular saw, and build it myself….

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