Meanwhile over on Pinterest

While I was Stumbling  uh, cruising pinterest, uh, doing laundry, yep that’s what I meant, doing laundry… I came across the best idea for my front loaders, (besides buying the drawers that is) Looks simple enough to build….
                                                  Sausha’s Washer/Dryer Pedestals

And it would have the option of customization! Which is a huge + in the + column. So I sent the Mr. an email with the link to the directions…. asking, Please.

Crickets!! it’s been 16 or so hours… still Crickets… ummm. What to do? I think I can build it myself, ‘cept for one itsy bitsy problem… I am afraid of the table saw. (Not to mention I really don’t know how to use it.) I can barely stand to watch the Mr. use it. (Visions of missing fingers and such.) Which I find mildly annoying…( More than mildly today) and semi stupid! I mean I can run a nail gun, drill, sawzall, tile, hang drywall, mud, (not well) but I can. All the little power tools, jig saws and the like. But the big table saw, oh, and the chop saw… I don’t know what the deal is… but there it is. I’m sure I could ask the guys at Lowe’s to cut the big pieces I need cut… but that doesn’t solve the problem in the long run… (Teach a man to fish and all that) Classes… that’s what I need! Or to talk the Mr. into teaching me…. (HAHAHAHAH)
So what would y’all do? Ideas? Thoughts? Snide remarks?

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