The Sounds of….. Slience

Woo Hooooo…. Monday! And Monday with School!! Woo Hoooo… So what did I do on this Monday? I read, (Kay Hooper’s “Blood Ties”), picked up the J-Boys’ glasses and made Cara Mia a new harness due to the fact she chewed her last one clean in half! So I took what was left apart.. and tada new one! It’s a little big (read I have to make some adjustments) but all in all it works and only took a hour or so. It was really, really nice to have a few hours with no, “Hey Mom” or “He hit/bit/or looked at me!”

The Mr. and I spent yesterday in DC at the Caps game! Right on the glass. Those guys are way bigger than they look on TV…. The Caps victory was stolen out from underneath them, by one of their own guys who took a penalty just before the winning goal, which means…. no goal! The Sabers won in a shootout! It was a great game, even though the Caps lost.

Schoolin’ the Captain of the Sabers 

Go Caps!

See… Huge



The Washington Monument at night 


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