The Friday Five Ice Edition

I think we are well into the days the Boyz have to make up school…. Once again…. No school due to Ice. So dreams of wandering around Joann’s is pouf up in smoke, it is the Boyz least favorite store, so pass today and hope for Monday. On today’s agenda? Keeping three young boys occupied! And hopefully not killing each other 😉 I foresee play dough and coloring books… and if they make me or themselves to crazy… work sheets… lots and lots of work sheets!

 While the kids were out of school…. What to do with them? Make them Rock Climb!! The Little Boyz didn’t quite get the concept, and the J-boy was saying “Get me DOWN!!”

The Lovely Sushi lunch with Brando
Brando Snapchatting while skating

Two sets of Roller Hockey Skates!
Still to big for the J-Boy… but they’re here
Hummm…. What do I want next?!
Brain Freeze! 

Gotta just love after a day of cleaning and laundry when the Mr send me a text that says… Going out to eat.

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The Diary of a Real Housewife
The Diary of a Real Housewife


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