Oh… the Pitter Patter of little feet

Yes, for all those who don’t know it is Monday… and while I normally treasure Mondays for no other reason than I get the whole house to myself for a few hours… Not today, school has been called! Why do you ask… Snow? Ice? Roads impassable? Nope… the roads are clear, the snow was melting, and according to the Mr. the roads were clear… If I had to guess, and those of you who know me, will know I’ll guess I’d have to say the dropping temps… so far it’s dropped 20 degrees so far and the wind she is a whipping. So another shot in the dark is they’ll call school tomorrow due to temps in the minus 20 degree range. Burrrr….

The weekend was a fun busy time… Ice skating…. Roller Hockey and Flag Football! It’s nice to know I can’t skate, and that my balance is shot all to hell and back! But it was fun to try (mostly) The boys all had a blast and J Boy would love to try Ice Hockey, (Thanks to the egging on by his sister) Eazy E took to the ice with gusto, whirling around the rink with …ummm… enthusiasm if not grace. Nicky Baby got the hang of it pretty quickly and if it hadn’t been so packed prolly would of let go of his cone much sooner. The J Boy laughed his way around the rink clinging to his dad’s hand (I’m not good enough for him to cling to….) or a cone. The Mr. and Brando got to spend some time together just hanging, while the Biddy Girl tried (and failed) to get me to go faster than a crawl. Nicky Baby’s first Roller Hockey game was this weekend as well…. He had a blast and I fell into old memories of Brando’s first game! It was so much fun to watch all the kids… fall, get back up, score…. fall, well you get the point! Eazy E’s first football game is next weekend and with one practice under his belt…. well we will see. However he can catch, and he throws a really nice spiral! Be looking for pictures of that ….. next week.


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