The Friday 5

So we have made it through another week… whew. And almost another month, Where exactly did January go? I think time just evaporates… I guess the old saying, time flies is a true one. We are soooo looking forward to some warmer weather this weekend, before it starts snowing, again. ( I swear this is payback for gloating the past few years.) However I don’t know about y’all but I am really longing for spring! On to the week in review….

1.Lacrosse is back! And he likes it enough that he’ll be playing on a team come the spring season! 

2. The new way to do long division…. grrrr…. now we have to deprogram him to do it the right way! 🙂

3.The start of my flower wreath… with a more clear tutorial (at least for me.) Find it Here, so far it’s going pretty well… mostly just time consuming. I’m figuring several hundred outta do it! 

4. We had a beautiful sunrise this morning!!  
5. I love my music… I can live without the T.V., but not music. Pandora is the ticket for me! I can have music anywhere with it. Phone, tablet, computer and yes through my TV when I’m downstairs. And very worth upgrading to Pandora One
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And we’re back

This has been a week…. of no school and the Flu! Yuck… Nicky Baby was the first struck with a mild case, (the boy is a brick!) Then the J-Boy who had a real case… red eyes, fever, and quite… he’s never quite, so off to the Doctor’s we went. 3 doses of tamiflu and I had my J-Boy back. Then of course the Mr got it… and shared with me. (I just Love that Man!) Eazy E is the only one that escaped!! Lucky boy!! Even the Biddy Girl was sick. However all is well, mostly… and back on our normal schedule and with a full day of school today (cartwheels are being turned) I’m hoping to get stuff done! (uh-hu)

On to the crafty bit, I got the boxes done for the boyz homework…. it is amazing how much paper they bring home! It was just sitting in piles… lurking… waiting to fall on an unsuspecting person, or cat! So now it’s getting organized and at the end of year, I can go through it (at my leisure) and cull out the really good stuff, the quirky, and the hand prints.

 From shipping boxes to homework keepers, all it took was a bit of black paint (who said you can’t paint cardboard?) A little fabric for the edges, just to keep it all looking neat, and their names, so I don’t get them messed up! and best of all… all the paper they bring home fits… standing up I may, or not do up some dividers but we’ll have to see about that one.    

What to do today

So with it being MLK Day and a federal holiday the kiddies are outa school…. as a matter of fact they don’t go back to school till Thursday, (I jinxed it!) Ho Humm… But it’s actually all good. I do enjoy their company and they are fun to play with. Another upside… no rushing around in the  morning!!

 So on today’s agenda…

Paper Flower Kusudama Ball
Japanese Kusudama

Isn’t it pretty? I was looking at my front door and noticing how bare and lonely it looked now that the Christmas wreath is all packed away. So why not make a few of these and make them into a wreath? This would be the tutorial I found… where else but on Pinterest! 

I’m also hoping to finish… (start) the boxes I have in mind to corral the boyz homework before it takes all the way over. Should be an easy peasy project, the Flowers?? Prolly not hard (at least not in the tutorial) but certainly time consuming.

The weekend was just chocked full of Boys, sports, and sleepovers! We had Eazy E’s Birthday Party at the Laser Tag place in town… it gave all the boys (and a few dad’s) something fun to do, add pizza and cake… success! Then on to Roller hockey and Flag football, before watching the really big boys play! What a great weekend! (Not to mention the Bronco’s are going to the Superbowl!! Woot Woot!)


 Eating Pizza and getting “caked” Thanks to a sibling tradition… (sniff, sniff)

Roller Hockey is soooo much fun! I just love to watch the little guys play… 

Flag Football is way different then tackle football, I don’t know if it’s because it’s indoor, or because it’s flag. But it is interesting to watch! It’ll be better after I figure out all the rules and why they start at one end of the field instead of the middle. But as long as Eazy E likes it… it’s all good and I’ll catch up!


The Friday Five

It’s Friday, yep, really. And we’ve made it through a whole week of school… woohoo… we’re on a roll. (Now as long as I didn’t jinx it) It’s nice to settle back into a normal routine. It makes my guys easier to deal with.

Eazy E’s now 11!! Woo Hooo, oh boy,
closer to the dreaded teeny booper years!

Jay-Boys’ new glasses! 
Slope, foiling, and imagery 1’s

Laundry/mud room befores

Door folding table…

Yesterday was Eazy E’s birthday, and it’s tradition in our house that you get to pick dinner… what ever you want! Well…. E loves tuna casserole. The Mr. hates tuna casserole, so The Mr. says to E… pick something different please, Off to E’s favorite Mexican food restaurant we go! They were great!! Party at the laser tag place tomorrow!!

I’m in the process of making my long narrow laundry/mud room work for me and mine… and maybe pretty? But I’ll settle for somewhat organized and functional!

To fix my previous problem… I’ve decided to buy a circular saw, and build it myself….

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Meanwhile over on Pinterest

While I was Stumbling  uh, cruising pinterest, uh, doing laundry, yep that’s what I meant, doing laundry… I came across the best idea for my front loaders, (besides buying the drawers that is) Looks simple enough to build….
                                                  Sausha’s Washer/Dryer Pedestals

And it would have the option of customization! Which is a huge + in the + column. So I sent the Mr. an email with the link to the directions…. asking, Please.

Crickets!! it’s been 16 or so hours… still Crickets… ummm. What to do? I think I can build it myself, ‘cept for one itsy bitsy problem… I am afraid of the table saw. (Not to mention I really don’t know how to use it.) I can barely stand to watch the Mr. use it. (Visions of missing fingers and such.) Which I find mildly annoying…( More than mildly today) and semi stupid! I mean I can run a nail gun, drill, sawzall, tile, hang drywall, mud, (not well) but I can. All the little power tools, jig saws and the like. But the big table saw, oh, and the chop saw… I don’t know what the deal is… but there it is. I’m sure I could ask the guys at Lowe’s to cut the big pieces I need cut… but that doesn’t solve the problem in the long run… (Teach a man to fish and all that) Classes… that’s what I need! Or to talk the Mr. into teaching me…. (HAHAHAHAH)
So what would y’all do? Ideas? Thoughts? Snide remarks?

The Sounds of….. Slience

Woo Hooooo…. Monday! And Monday with School!! Woo Hoooo… So what did I do on this Monday? I read, (Kay Hooper’s “Blood Ties”), picked up the J-Boys’ glasses and made Cara Mia a new harness due to the fact she chewed her last one clean in half! So I took what was left apart.. and tada new one! It’s a little big (read I have to make some adjustments) but all in all it works and only took a hour or so. It was really, really nice to have a few hours with no, “Hey Mom” or “He hit/bit/or looked at me!”

The Mr. and I spent yesterday in DC at the Caps game! Right on the glass. Those guys are way bigger than they look on TV…. The Caps victory was stolen out from underneath them, by one of their own guys who took a penalty just before the winning goal, which means…. no goal! The Sabers won in a shootout! It was a great game, even though the Caps lost.

Schoolin’ the Captain of the Sabers 

Go Caps!

See… Huge



The Washington Monument at night 


The Friday Five Ice Edition

I think we are well into the days the Boyz have to make up school…. Once again…. No school due to Ice. So dreams of wandering around Joann’s is pouf up in smoke, it is the Boyz least favorite store, so pass today and hope for Monday. On today’s agenda? Keeping three young boys occupied! And hopefully not killing each other 😉 I foresee play dough and coloring books… and if they make me or themselves to crazy… work sheets… lots and lots of work sheets!

 While the kids were out of school…. What to do with them? Make them Rock Climb!! The Little Boyz didn’t quite get the concept, and the J-boy was saying “Get me DOWN!!”

The Lovely Sushi lunch with Brando
Brando Snapchatting while skating

Two sets of Roller Hockey Skates!
Still to big for the J-Boy… but they’re here
Hummm…. What do I want next?!
Brain Freeze! 

Gotta just love after a day of cleaning and laundry when the Mr send me a text that says… Going out to eat.

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The Diary of a Real Housewife
The Diary of a Real Housewife


Oh… the Pitter Patter of little feet

Yes, for all those who don’t know it is Monday… and while I normally treasure Mondays for no other reason than I get the whole house to myself for a few hours… Not today, school has been called! Why do you ask… Snow? Ice? Roads impassable? Nope… the roads are clear, the snow was melting, and according to the Mr. the roads were clear… If I had to guess, and those of you who know me, will know I’ll guess I’d have to say the dropping temps… so far it’s dropped 20 degrees so far and the wind she is a whipping. So another shot in the dark is they’ll call school tomorrow due to temps in the minus 20 degree range. Burrrr….

The weekend was a fun busy time… Ice skating…. Roller Hockey and Flag Football! It’s nice to know I can’t skate, and that my balance is shot all to hell and back! But it was fun to try (mostly) The boys all had a blast and J Boy would love to try Ice Hockey, (Thanks to the egging on by his sister) Eazy E took to the ice with gusto, whirling around the rink with …ummm… enthusiasm if not grace. Nicky Baby got the hang of it pretty quickly and if it hadn’t been so packed prolly would of let go of his cone much sooner. The J Boy laughed his way around the rink clinging to his dad’s hand (I’m not good enough for him to cling to….) or a cone. The Mr. and Brando got to spend some time together just hanging, while the Biddy Girl tried (and failed) to get me to go faster than a crawl. Nicky Baby’s first Roller Hockey game was this weekend as well…. He had a blast and I fell into old memories of Brando’s first game! It was so much fun to watch all the kids… fall, get back up, score…. fall, well you get the point! Eazy E’s first football game is next weekend and with one practice under his belt…. well we will see. However he can catch, and he throws a really nice spiral! Be looking for pictures of that ….. next week.