Old into New

As the Old year gives way to the new, I thought I’d look back through the year… There’s been more than a few changes. Some Great.. some good… and some not so much. But… I have to say I haven’t been bored yet. We have had The Boyz for a full year now, I can not get over the changes this year has made for them and us. The older set are well on their way. The Bug is settling back into her own life and sounds as happy as if she had her right mind! 🙂 Brando is thinking of buying a house! (I swear I was just changing his diaper… like 5 minutes ago.) The Biddy Girl starts her Sophomore year of collage in just a few days, while her Big Boss likes her enough to keep her on while she does it! The Mr. works… and plays just as hard as he’s ever done. And me? I watch it all unfold around me. So heres a glimpse of our year in review…

Here’s to wishing all of you in the blogging world a Safe and Happy New Year! Hugs to all!!


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