The Friday Five and Thanks

I love reading my blogs.. (Not mine.. but Others) It gives me a little piece of their lives, special moments along with the ordinary. I feel like some are long lost friends, I haven’t met, others make me go ,humm, now isn’t that interesting… still others make me laugh. I love the design tips, fashion help, makeup and hair advice! The ups, the downs and all the inbetweens. So here’s a big thumbs up to all the Other Bloggers who share their lives, hopes, dreams. Thanks and keep up the great work!

On to my little life and Friday Five!


1. Meet Kate, she’s the first blogger ( ) I started following.. (Isn’t she cute!) She has an amazing beauty blog! Today she is also having her first baby… (Woot Woot!) I think she’ll be a lovely, creative Mom. So here’s to Kate!!

2. It’s been a snowy week here in Northern Virginia, I don’t know why I thought Virginia was in the South…. 

3. Cara Mia’s first snow… It’s deeper than she is tall… hehehehe

  Tree on the wall
4. I found this one on Pinterest… and this one is my interpretation… not to mention that I didn’t wanna go out with all the crazy drivers to get those little clear command hooks! 🙂

5. Eazy E reading (kind of out loud) the announcements at his MMA class. Belt promotion is this weekend, for both Eazy E and Nicky Baby, Orange for E and Yellow for Nicky.  
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                                                           Lauren Elizabeth

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The Diary of a Real Housewife


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The Good Live Blog


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