Snowy Ice

Aww, winter is here. About 6 inches of snow…. followed up by 1 inch, (maybe 1/2 inch ) of ice. But no wind!! Always a plus so it snowed straight down and so pretty. Till I had to shovel the driveway… then it was just a pain. The joys of winter..
As far as projects done… umm… a drop in the bucket. Tree is moved, staircase is half done, my craft room n o longer looks like an episode of “The Hoarders”, Nicky Baby’s curtains are done, my curtains are started. All in all I’m pretty happy with the ways things are moving along and coming together. I need to get some more garland, more fabric for my curtains, (who knew 6 yards wouldn’t be enough) And I got to start baking!! Woot Woot, I love Christmas baking and sending it off to family and friends. There’s something about feeding people…

Snow, Baby
Whew… half done with
 a scoop shovel!
hehehehe…. Who could resist 


Much better place.
Shim Stars… who’d thunk it
The Spidey Man makes an appearance 

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