The Friday Five and the Results

Oh what a week… beautiful, beautiful weather, mid-to high 60’s all week, this morning… rain and low 40, it’s what I’m calling the lull before the ice! (and maybe finally snow?) This week has been all about finishing up projects.. and revamping some rooms that I wasn’t quite happy with. (Yes, just in time for Christmas and all the family coming!)  I still have Christmas decorating to do… soon as I decide just how I want it. I’m thinking I need some shims….
Learn to skate is going like gangbusters!! So much so that after talking to the coach… I’ve signed the younger 2 up for Hockey!! (woot woot… inline… but still Hockey!) Eazy E wants to play football so after giving him the choice … football it is. along with Lacrosse.

Slap Shot? 
Get the puck!

The last Detail… and it’s mostly Okay

Next for Christmasing up

The results of the strike were….. a dismal failure!! The only one that even noticed was the Biddy Girl, and when I took the boyz to MMA… She picked up all the flotsam and jetsam… The Mr. just kicked all of his clothes outta his way, or walked on ’em. And it made twice as much laundry  for me when I gave up the ghost and picked it all up myself, (even after I moved the hamper into the bathroom!) So I guess I’m resigned to picking up after the Mr, (can’t teach an old dog new tricks, I suppose.) The Boyz however are another story… They Will learn to pick up after themselves or I’ll die trying! 😉 And it looks like “Someone” deleted the pictures of the results… hummm, I wonder who that could of been….

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