After our lovely 5 day weekend, it’s time to get back in the swing of things… for a couple of weeks anyway, before Christmas Break. Thanksgiving was a blast… I made wwaayyy to much food, but the Boyz just lapped it up and ate like stevedores, I do love to watch them eat!  We went around the table and told what we were most thankful for… it was fun listening to them.

Full oven… I still can’t believe it all fit!
Brie with Strawberries

We got the tree up and the Mr. built me a mantle so I’d have somewhere to put all those decorations… I love when he builds, it really does just amaze me. So next warm-ish day… the outside needs to be done and I gotta finish the house, I can’t wait for Christmas… The Parents (mine) and the Brothers and wives are coming… (maybe wishful thinking for the younger set…as they both have new jobs… and you know how being the low man on the totem pole is, but I’m hoping) 
I just love the mantel that the Mr. Built
Oh.. Christmas Tree… Oh Christmas Tree
I finally got my new purse all done… maybe just a tweak or two but all in all I’m pretty happy with it. New pillows for the family room (done)… curtains….for the family room, Nicky Baby’s room, breakfast nook and my bedroom are all on the list for this week. And a really cool tree for the family room as the “real” Christmas tree is upstairs. 
Sleeves for the sides 
The front of the jacket for the flap and the front.
Yes, I’ve jumped on the burlap bandwagon! Curtains are next.
Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile
The Tree I wanna make in the family room….
with a twist or two.

I’m just chocked full of plans for this next week or two… as well as starting to Christmas shop… woo hoo…. fun, fun, fun!! Hope ya’ll have a great day!!


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