A lot has happened this week so far The Boyz have been out of school for the last 4 days! Which in itself is full of adventure, nothing like competing with a 10 yr old for computer time. 🙂 I almost always win that one. Between refereeing and the cold snap we are all ready for school today… well most of us.

The Mr. got me a little puppy… she’s so sweet!! And I find myself in a much better mood these days, I am so Not a morning person, but having to get up and take the the puppy out… well it’s kind of uplifting she won’t let me be grouchy. Cara, for that is her name, and the Cats (Boo and Liaha) have a wary truce, the cats think Cara is a walking toy… 

Mia Cara

I’m also thinking about trying my hand at a tutorial, for placemats… they were really easy, ( after I figured out the measurements and the shape) took about a hour, hour and half to do 9 of them… 6 full sized and 3 smaller. I think they turned out rather cute and a bit different than the standard rectangular ones. Another plus is they fit the table better. Maybe tomorrow… as I’m being paged to go outside. Oh happy days!


oval-ish placemat

The Friday 5

Whew, This week as just flown by…. and we weren’t anywhere near as busy! What’s up with that? Oh well, I’ll take it as it comes.
Halloween was a raving success! Score!! Tons of candy to be had, Eazy E went with a bunch of his friends, (without Mom & Dad) The Mr. took the little boys, and I hung with the Mom’s at the neighbor’s house… coffee and baileys’ (all the dads went this year! 😉 ) The Biddy Girl stayed home and passed out candy here…. but only after making the treaters, do a trick… (leave it to Biddy!) The little kids got though by making funny faces and such and the older ones…. stand on 1 foot. One smart boy made himself disappear by jumping off the porch, he got 2 pieces of candy!! I just love Halloween.

Yes, I know there’s more than 5… but the pumpkin carving only counts as 1, 😉


“I don’t like my veggies!”

Wacky Wear Day

Crazy Hair Day

Wacky Wear Day

Carving the Pumpkins

Look, Mom, twins!

Umph… All by myself!

1. I have to say Eazy E can be creative when it comes to not eating his vegetables…. but as a old hand at this… I have to say it was a draw, he didn’t eat ’em, but he didn’t enjoy not eating them!

2. Red Ribbon Week at school (homecoming week?)  Wacky Wear Day!
3. Crazy Hair Day at the Pre-school, and he glittered. 
4. Monkey hat for Wacky Wear Day.
5. Carving the pumpkins!! (a first for mah boyz)
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