Tis the Day

It is the day before Thanksgiving, Turkey’s in the ‘fridge, thawing I hope! I’m pretty sure I have the menu down for tomorrow. So today I’m gonna pre-make everything I can! (Maybe) It’s been several years since I’ve made a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, Turkey and all the fixings. So here’s to tradition!


I also have a few projects going on in the craft room, Reusable paper towels, (which the Mr. just rolled his eyes over), a somewhat smaller winter messenger bag for me, chew toy for Mia Cara, and still working on the last couple of Christmas presents! I just couldn’t seem to settle on one project. (mmm, 1,2,3… oh shiney!)


All 13 cut out…
Fabric.. quilters flannel and terry cloth
All but the snaps… 12 more to go

I love the tutorial I found…. Pinterest or All Sewing, I can’t remember which, but it’s now pinned

 http://www.sewastraightline.com/2010/04/rolled-kitchen-towels-tutorial-and.html I added the binding, due to a jelly roll on clearance which just happened to be in the perfect colors!

All that’s left is the handle… 

This purse had a couple of different inspirations behind it… But mostly the design is mine. And I tweaked the making of it..  But I made the first few using….
She write a killer tutorial!! Easy to follow and tons of pictures. I’ll take better pictures of the details when I get it all done. I think it’s gonna turn out just the way I pictured in my head… 😉

Tomorrow is for food, family and thanks!! I hope all y’all have a great Thanksgiving!! (and thanks for reading!)



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