Fangs, Rant…. STRIKE

I can feel myself growing fangs… Long sharp, mean fangs. As I look around that house and see…. Eazy E’s breakfast cereal box, still on the counter… his socks on the floor…. his dinner plate still on the table, that he just moved outta his way for breakfast! Moving upstairs, the Mr. clothes right where he took them off… his towel on the floor…. my towel on the floor, (I didn’t hang his up, so he used mine… that was hanging up!) All of the flotsam and jetsam that we all seem to create by just living. Now I do expect the boys… all the boys to mostly pick up after themselves, with a few prompts, at least the little boys, ( 5 and 6 ) But today as I look around it just feels overwhelming… (pms, anyone) So here is the end of my rant… and now on to the STRIKE! I am going on strike! I’m not picking up another thing… (well, except to clean under it) that doesn’t belong to me!! If it’s not in the hamper … (of which there are 3… 1 in Eazy E’s bathroom, 1 in the Little Boys bathroom and 1 in our closet), then it’s not getting washed!! Don’t hang your towel, use it wet, If your dishes don’t make the sink…. they don’t get washed… See the theme here? Now let’s see how long it takes my men to get the hint… both big and small!!


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