Kind of hit, Kind of miss, Hit and A Sister of the Heart

My kind of hit, kind of miss was a stand for my tablet. I wanted one that the tablet would sit on as the case I have really doesn’t work. and I like it to stand upright. So off to Pinterest I went. Hummm, so many options to chose from. I made one… really didn’t like it. A great tutorial and went together easy enough. But I just wasn’t happy with it! so I guess that one was a miss. (No pictures though… sorry). On to the next… cardboard!! (I love cardboard) I cut up one of the moving boxes I saved for just this kind of thing… and Ta Da… a stand. Not pretty… and full of rocks to make it work.


And while it does work. It’s not very pretty to look at and somewhat heavy. (due to the rocks in the bottom! 😉 )  So back to the drawing board and more cardboard… I had the general shape and size I wanted, so now on to google to see some pictures… and, Voila, the hit! (and with no rocks!) It’s light, portable, has the right angle… (ya know that was mostly by happenstance!) and looks tons better! I have to say I wish I’d of made the cover a bit tighter… but all in all I’m pretty happy the way it turned out! 


I got a call from My Sister of the Heart, with a diagnoses that no woman wants. I am very sad I’m not closer (in miles) so that I can help her and her family with whatever needs done. Fortunately she has an amazing attitude and a fantastic medical team not to mention her incredibly supportive husband to help her and get through this ….. ummm….. trial. So if all you reading would take a minute and send positive thoughts toward my Sister… I would be greatly appreciative!!



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