Whew, It’s Monday

A fun and busy weekend is in the books! And now on to the regular week, ahhh… relaxing! Basketball, Lacrosse and Tee-ball are all over. Now it’s just MMA and learn to skate, (besides school of course!)
The Biddy Girl is finding out how much fun it is to buy her first car… (poor baby) But she is learning tons about the process, the up and downs along with the waiting to hear. She also is all registered for her Sophomore year at the local college, Pre-Cal is in her future! She has also decide on a major change, instead of Social Work, leaning towards counselling, she’s going for Business Administration (she really likes her current job and is gearing up to continue in that field.)
On to the boyz… Learn to skate was a blast! Up… down and the splits! I laughed and laughed! The coaches were amazing!! The one… (whose name is escaping me) had the J-Boy up and standing and kind of moving forward in like 2.5 seconds! Nicky Baby would get up… take off at 400 mph, and wipe out! The good thing was he never gave up and kept getting up… over and over and over again! Eazy E… took right off! He has some amount of talent and athletic ability. And as he pointed out… He did not fall once! Now they all can’t wait for Sundays.

What a Great Coach! 

Arms out for balance
And he’s skating!


Like this! Head up!

He’s up!! 
On the way down..
See.. Like this, J-Boy
We saw a lot of Eazy E’s back


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