The Friday Five

Gotta love Fridays they lead to the weekends, which are majorly laid back around here! Everybody gets to sleep in (well, most everybody)… no hurley-burly  rushing around. And a road trip or two to go, see, and sometimes do. But to start my weekends… clean the house, do the laundry, get ready for the weekend! It’s a system that works for me! 😉

1. Eazy E’s new do! “I look at least 18, now!”  I’m thinking NOT!
2. J-Boy’s school picture, I just love it!!
3. The middle
4. Done… scarf number 3, one more and I’m DONE!


5. Shoe wrestling  

1. Eazy E was tired of looking like the Bieber… so off came most all of his hair (at the Biddy Girls suggestion ) He loves it! I love it, The Mr. loves it! And on the way home he said, “Now I look at least 18, right Mom?” ” Uhh, Nope but at least 12…. ” hehehehehe… NOT!
2. The J-Boy’s (He’s now 5 so he’s not the Da Baby anymore.. sniff sniff) school picture! They turned out sooooo good. I’m really pleased.
3. Mid-way through scarf number 3.
4. All done with that one, and I think I like the lighter yarn you can see the braid better.
5. The shoe wrestling champion, it’s all real with no script!
                                           You know the drill… Linking up with some of my favorite bloggers!
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