Crochet is Addicting

Today has been all about crocheting… (and most of yesterday…) but ya gotta love a quick project that just flies by. 2 count them 2 scarves done and put together!! Plus a headband, ear warmers?? Oh well, whatever you call ’em. Done… Done and Done! And now maybe my ears won’t freeze! I guess I’m going to have to get real winter clothes, as opposed to Texas or Louisiana winter clothes. Cuz… burrrrr, it’s cold and as my neighbor gleefully told me this morning, “It’s gonna get worse… just wait till February. Which I am going to cancel! That all right with ya’ll? February is now officially canceled…. That’s it, that’s all for today… back to my yarn.

Stay warm!

Longish scarf

Short scarf

Headband ear warmers

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