Alrighty then….

Alrighty then it’s Tuesday… A cloudy, cool, cold Tuesday. And I’m feeling,( Gerrrr), semi grouchy. I tried to ride off my bad mood at the gym in RPM class this morning, and just wound up….. wiped,  (thanks Ms. S for handing me my butt.) but that’s what I get for skipping the gym for the last couple of weeks. (I don’t recommend it.) But I’m hoping to get back in the swing of things. (fingers crossed) So home to not clean house…. but I did get the laundry started, so that was a plus. What I spent most of the day doing was putting together a fun (I think) little kit for a fellow blogger….. but that’s all I’m gonna say about that, other than I’ll get in the mail tomorrow!! But doing that really helped my mood!! (Yeah!)

Since the semi grouchy mood was impairing my ability to put myself together this morning….. Pinterest I went for some inspiration ….


Like I said just inspiration…. Think I got the “feel” of the pin. If not anything else!!

Here’s hoping for a better Wensday!

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