Sharpies and Sofas

I did not take any pictures of the Great Sharpie Escapades… however it’s enough to use your imagination. Imagine you are a 6 year old boy, who finds a bright yellow sharpie and wonders… ummm, what should I do with this very lovely bright permanent marker?  I know… lets decorate the leather sofa… by drawing a 4 inch square on it then color it in! Pretty!! All I know is when I saw it I saw red!! Grrrrr, this is not the first time he’s done something like this Nicky Baby, has also decorated my car with an ink pen. Which is why we have no crayons, or I thought markers, pens or any other drawing implements where he could get them. (Oops… missed one.) While he spent the weekend grounded and attached to my hip, we tried everything to get it off, The Sharpie laughed at the Goo Gone… sneered at the hairspray… chuckled at the rubbing alcohol… but met it’s demise at …. ready for it…. yes, The Magic Eraser!! (Yes!! I think I may buy stock!) Woot Woot, you can now barely see it now, I think with a little saddle soap and a good polishing it will fade entirely! But Nicky Baby won’t have any pen, crayons, markers until he’s 45! 😉


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