A Conversation and the Friday Five

On the way home from Preschool, Da Baby says to me, “My Friend got on red today… first he was on yellow, then he went all the way to red!” So being nosy and wondering why said friend got on red, (the Friend is a sweet kid, by the way) I asked, “well, Baby, why was your Friend on red today?” Da Baby says ” He spit on another friend, and wouldn’t listen, and talked during carpet time.” “Oh”, I replied, “So your Friend was having a bad day…” Da Baby, says (in all seriousness) ” Friend was being a Bitch today!” I about died, laughing that is…. after I finally got it sucked back in, Da Baby and I had a talk about the cuss words! What a Kid!! 😉

On to the Friday Five!! Woot Woot… Friday, (Honey… I’m voting for Sushi tonight in case you’re wondering and reading this.)  

1. Sleeping on the Mr. who also likes her!

2. Look at my funny face

3. Favorite project of the week

4. Next favorite project… Yes I made Cara a jacket…
It’s cold here

5. HUmmm…. at least it’s quiet now.

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High Five for Friday

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