The Friday 5

Whew, This week as just flown by…. and we weren’t anywhere near as busy! What’s up with that? Oh well, I’ll take it as it comes.
Halloween was a raving success! Score!! Tons of candy to be had, Eazy E went with a bunch of his friends, (without Mom & Dad) The Mr. took the little boys, and I hung with the Mom’s at the neighbor’s house… coffee and baileys’ (all the dads went this year! 😉 ) The Biddy Girl stayed home and passed out candy here…. but only after making the treaters, do a trick… (leave it to Biddy!) The little kids got though by making funny faces and such and the older ones…. stand on 1 foot. One smart boy made himself disappear by jumping off the porch, he got 2 pieces of candy!! I just love Halloween.

Yes, I know there’s more than 5… but the pumpkin carving only counts as 1, 😉


“I don’t like my veggies!”

Wacky Wear Day

Crazy Hair Day

Wacky Wear Day

Carving the Pumpkins

Look, Mom, twins!

Umph… All by myself!

1. I have to say Eazy E can be creative when it comes to not eating his vegetables…. but as a old hand at this… I have to say it was a draw, he didn’t eat ’em, but he didn’t enjoy not eating them!

2. Red Ribbon Week at school (homecoming week?)  Wacky Wear Day!
3. Crazy Hair Day at the Pre-school, and he glittered. 
4. Monkey hat for Wacky Wear Day.
5. Carving the pumpkins!! (a first for mah boyz)
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