Monday, Monday, Monday

Yep that’s right it’s Monday… ya’ll got the memo right? Of course you did! Have a good weekend? Great!! We had a weekend of up and downs as I’m sure ya’ll have heard by now. 😉

Update on the girls…. Miss Rea’s Mom came and picked her up for the long haul back to Indiana, so she wouldn’t have to wait to fly home with a broken arm. They have made it home safe and sound. The Biddy Girl’s bruises are making their way to the surface and she is now quite colorful, but Thankful!


  You may remember me mentioning an old table I bought at Goodwill, (I just love Goodwill, you never know what you’ll find.) My Mom told me it’s a Duncan Phyfe prolly from the 50’s, Score!! It’s in pretty good shape, but came with no chairs… So I tell the Mr. I need benches, Nope don’t care how you build them as long as you do… 😉 (hehehe, good thing he understands me!) So yesterday we have a race… he built 2 benches… I made 1 cushion… He won!! Or I guess I should really say we won… he won the race, but I won cuz I got 2 benches outta the deal!!

Countersinking the screws….


Perfect height


With the cushion

    So I’m off…. off to the craft room to finish the next cushion. Have a great day!

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