Let me start this one by saying both girls are fine… well banged up but really mostly fine. The car is a dead loss, but it gave it’s life to protect what was most important to mine.

Last night while heading off to go camping the Biddy Girl and her Friend Miss Rea, were involved in a horrible traffic accident. A little red car (whose driver just drove off) clipped the front of Biddy’s car causing her to lose control of her car, into the median they rolled, into on coming traffic they continued to roll , hitting a guy in a pick-up and a semi truck, ( both drivers are fine and well.) Came to a rest on the opposite side of the interstate… Fire and rescue came and did what they do, (and Thank God for it) And spent several hours at the hospital. Where Biddy was found to have a concussion, multiple cuts and scrapes, bruises galore… but fine. Miss Rea has a lovely hickey from her seat belt… which loved her enough to keep her in her seat, and a broken arm. But all in all fine!!  So the moral of this post….
Tell the people you love… you Love them, often. Hug them close and let them know, cause it can all change in a blink of an eye.


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