The Friday Five

Yea! It’s time for the Friday Five! It’s been a busy week (per normal) With Basketball, Lacrosse, MMA, Tee-Ball and tons of homework! But we’ve always said keep ’em busy. So busy we are… I did find the time to work on a few little crafts and carve out a day to wander around the cemetery with my camera (in spite of the cold). On with the pictures..


1. Yummy on Chilly Fall Evening

2. One of the prettier angles

3. Cereal box organizers for my very public desk  

4. All by himself!!

5. Shhhh….. for Christmas

1. What’s not to love about Bailey’s and chocolate.

2. One of my favorite Angles at the cemetery (see Thurs. post for more pictures, if you’d like)

3. My office is one of the very first rooms you see walking in the front door…. So to clean it up…. cereal boxes.. scrap paper and glue. Couldn’t be easier and it keeps most of the clutter contained. Next up a school paper organizer.

4. He wrote his name all by himself!! Without his teacher Mrs. C standing over him helping! Go boy-o Go!!

5. Yarn for a couple of Christmas presents…. Shhhhh

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