Monday once again…

Awww, Mondays, back to our normally scheduled program, not that I don’t enjoy the weekend or anything. But I always look forward to the school week, (some Mom I am.) This weekend was pretty cool. It’s the Mr’s Birthday this week so the Biddy Girl got him a grill…. A nice one, that came in a box with “some assembly required”, I love “some assembly required” a couple of hours…good music… and the Biddy Girl tons of fun and not a few laughs!! And it works!! As when the Mr. got home we made him cook! 😉

Girls with tools… and music
On Sunday The Biddy Girls took Eazy E and Big N, (one of Eazy E’s friends) to the motocross races. The boys had a blast watching the guys on their dirt bikes, I am sorry to report that the guy they went to watch lost his race… but they all had a good time.
cute aren’t they
One last thing for my Monday post… The tooth fairy has struck again…. Nicky Baby can now spit through the gap in his teeth… (yeah) but the gap is soooo cute!
Gotta love that gap
  Well I’m off for now, gotta get something done, even if it’s wrong.  

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