What day is it..?

Every Wednesday Eazy E gets up takes a shower comes down the stairs… and asks (at the top of his lungs, I might add) “What day IS it….. HHUUMMPP DDAAYY.  This moring after the the required question, with self answer, he ask, ” Mom, why do they call it hump day?” That boy cracks me up! 🙂 Today is also “Rock the 80’s Day” so as I’m popping collars, puffing hair, I’m waxing nostalgic, and the same boy…. looks up and says “you were in high school in the 80’s?”  Why yes, yes I was!! And what a decade it was… leg warmers, parachute pants, peg-legged jeans, and big hair, awww the good old days.



As for me today… I’ll be finishing up my school paper keeper! However I won’t be rocking the 80’s.. More like Mumford and Sons and Stone Temple Pilots. Rock On!

Monday, Monday, Monday

Yep that’s right it’s Monday… ya’ll got the memo right? Of course you did! Have a good weekend? Great!! We had a weekend of up and downs as I’m sure ya’ll have heard by now. 😉

Update on the girls…. Miss Rea’s Mom came and picked her up for the long haul back to Indiana, so she wouldn’t have to wait to fly home with a broken arm. They have made it home safe and sound. The Biddy Girl’s bruises are making their way to the surface and she is now quite colorful, but Thankful!


  You may remember me mentioning an old table I bought at Goodwill, (I just love Goodwill, you never know what you’ll find.) My Mom told me it’s a Duncan Phyfe prolly from the 50’s, Score!! It’s in pretty good shape, but came with no chairs… So I tell the Mr. I need benches, Nope don’t care how you build them as long as you do… 😉 (hehehe, good thing he understands me!) So yesterday we have a race… he built 2 benches… I made 1 cushion… He won!! Or I guess I should really say we won… he won the race, but I won cuz I got 2 benches outta the deal!!

Countersinking the screws….


Perfect height


With the cushion

    So I’m off…. off to the craft room to finish the next cushion. Have a great day!


Let me start this one by saying both girls are fine… well banged up but really mostly fine. The car is a dead loss, but it gave it’s life to protect what was most important to mine.

Last night while heading off to go camping the Biddy Girl and her Friend Miss Rea, were involved in a horrible traffic accident. A little red car (whose driver just drove off) clipped the front of Biddy’s car causing her to lose control of her car, into the median they rolled, into on coming traffic they continued to roll , hitting a guy in a pick-up and a semi truck, ( both drivers are fine and well.) Came to a rest on the opposite side of the interstate… Fire and rescue came and did what they do, (and Thank God for it) And spent several hours at the hospital. Where Biddy was found to have a concussion, multiple cuts and scrapes, bruises galore… but fine. Miss Rea has a lovely hickey from her seat belt… which loved her enough to keep her in her seat, and a broken arm. But all in all fine!!  So the moral of this post….
Tell the people you love… you Love them, often. Hug them close and let them know, cause it can all change in a blink of an eye.


The Friday Five

Yea! It’s time for the Friday Five! It’s been a busy week (per normal) With Basketball, Lacrosse, MMA, Tee-Ball and tons of homework! But we’ve always said keep ’em busy. So busy we are… I did find the time to work on a few little crafts and carve out a day to wander around the cemetery with my camera (in spite of the cold). On with the pictures..


1. Yummy on Chilly Fall Evening

2. One of the prettier angles

3. Cereal box organizers for my very public desk  

4. All by himself!!

5. Shhhh….. for Christmas

1. What’s not to love about Bailey’s and chocolate.

2. One of my favorite Angles at the cemetery (see Thurs. post for more pictures, if you’d like)

3. My office is one of the very first rooms you see walking in the front door…. So to clean it up…. cereal boxes.. scrap paper and glue. Couldn’t be easier and it keeps most of the clutter contained. Next up a school paper organizer.

4. He wrote his name all by himself!! Without his teacher Mrs. C standing over him helping! Go boy-o Go!!

5. Yarn for a couple of Christmas presents…. Shhhhh

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The spirit moved

The spirit moved and I grabbed my camera and went to one of my favorite places to shoot pictures… the cemetery. Yes, I said cemetery… I love ’em. At least I love the old ones, the history, the headstones, the sense of quiet and reverence. This one was kind of all jumbled up…. really really old, mixed in with the really new. I think next will be town shots, it’s got a completely different feel from Texas.



Crisp, my foot! It’s cold, makes me wonder what winter is really gonna be like. HaHa, I do know I grew up not to far from here… as the crow flies. Not to mention the eastern plains of Colorado, the Quad Cities, St. Louis,  winter I know. But the last 4 years are been spent in the deep south, where this is winter!! It’s as cold here as it got there in December… so burrrrr. (the little voice in my head is laughing hysterically) There are no freeze warnings…. just frost in the air and breathing little puffs of steam while walking the boys to the bus stop. So today I get to make Chicken and Dumplings (a nice cozy fall dinner..) and dig out the winter coats!

What a difference a week makes!


Monday once again…

Awww, Mondays, back to our normally scheduled program, not that I don’t enjoy the weekend or anything. But I always look forward to the school week, (some Mom I am.) This weekend was pretty cool. It’s the Mr’s Birthday this week so the Biddy Girl got him a grill…. A nice one, that came in a box with “some assembly required”, I love “some assembly required” a couple of hours…good music… and the Biddy Girl tons of fun and not a few laughs!! And it works!! As when the Mr. got home we made him cook! 😉

Girls with tools… and music
On Sunday The Biddy Girls took Eazy E and Big N, (one of Eazy E’s friends) to the motocross races. The boys had a blast watching the guys on their dirt bikes, I am sorry to report that the guy they went to watch lost his race… but they all had a good time.
cute aren’t they
One last thing for my Monday post… The tooth fairy has struck again…. Nicky Baby can now spit through the gap in his teeth… (yeah) but the gap is soooo cute!
Gotta love that gap
  Well I’m off for now, gotta get something done, even if it’s wrong.  

The Friday Five

This week has just flown by, busy busy busy and nothing done. Whew, what a week… nothing real unusual but I guess I’m just feeling it more. I’m hoping to spend sometime in the craft room, today… but more likely tomorrow! But the house is clean, dinner is thunk up… and it’s early release day for the kiddies. So maybe…

Well enough of all that and on with this weeks Fav’s

Easy E at Lacrosse!! And he loves it!!

Nicky Baby at T-Ball…. and a Lefty to boot

Easy E and his friend Big N at the Halloween party

Football game…. sans Children!!

I missed all the colors

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Wednesday…. Yes

I have to say Wednesday snuck up on me this week… It’s half over and have I got anything done…. Nope! Not a thing, not a single thing on my huge to-do list. I have however jumped through tons of hoops. We are trying to get Da Baby some extra help…. speech and hopefully some occupationally therapy hence the hoops, and let me tell you there are a bunch of them! On the upside everybody has been very helpful so that’s a plus.

Yesterday was field trip day for the preschool!! What fun, Hay Rides (minus the hay) pumpkin picking, apples to munch, and perfect weather. You could not have asked for a better day. I’m really liking the fall weather… crisp and clear. The leaves are changing and it’s beautiful.

Farm on the hill

Jumping on the pillow

Hay wagon ride
Learning about pumpkins


Name Change…

So… sense life is much less crazy and times are semi, kind of , somewhat slower, I spend my days doing the housewife, Mom thing. I decided I need a name change. Still about life in general, crafts, Kids… absolutely no parenting advice! (But I’d happily take some….. anybody?) maybe a style or two, or not. Add in some photography when the spirit moves and you have Tales of a Housewife…. Nothing.