The Friday Five.

I think I have 5…. could only be one or two. I’ve been holed up in the sewing room trying to make a box pleat valance for the kitchen window! So I have lots of pictures of the fun process and very few of anything else. (Umm, tunnel vision much?) But besides sewing, we’ve been in the swing of things at school. Eazy E is settling in and doing way better than he did in TX, it’s amazing what a no nonsense teacher can do! Nicky Baby, is Nicky Baby, but feeling his way, (with a few bumps). Da Baby is doing pretty well … and starting to talk to the little girls, 🙂 All is right and fine in my part of this little world!

1.Trapped! and for 5 seconds… quiet!

2. Look who showed to to wait with me

3. Killed the measuring tape for you!   

4. Almost done

DONE!! And it worked….he he he

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