A Funny Thing Happened…

Sunday afternoon The Mr, says to me….. I need some tin snips and you can go them and while you’re out pick up the stuff you need to make curtains for the basement door. What??!! You want me to go to the fabric store, to make curtains?! Sweet!! Took my measurements and off I went, tin snips… check. Off to Joann’s I go… oops with a stop over at the Goodwill, cause you never know. You could score an antique table that’ll will wind up in the breakfast room, did I mention it has copper feet? No, well it does. I however don’t have pictures, Yet. (The Mr. parked his pickup next to where I have the table leaning 😦 ) So off to Joann’s feeling pretty pleased with myself… (Snicker snicker ) find the perfect material, rings, everything I need. Plug in the length I need to my handy dandy calculator… 80 x 2 (two panels) divided by 12…. 14 yards. Didn’t even blink. Then I come home thinking how cute they’re going to look… start cutting… and thought to myself, “Self you bought a LOT of material for two little panels on french doors no less.” Ummm… run back through my math… and guess what… Duh… I forgot to finish… divided by 3, for yards instead of just feet. So instead of 4 and a half yards I got all they had at 10 yards with the option of special ordering the rest of what I thought I needed! But the upside is I now have curtains on the basement doors, my sewing room doors with enough extra to make a few pillows!


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