Yes, it’s true, I am a sucker. I have a problem with the word the No, (unless it’s one of the boys asking for something… then NO is not a problem 😉 ) but if you need help…. I’m your girl. 

So I got tapped at the school recruitment night, as a tiger den leader, and said I’d think about it, all the while Nicky baby, my Tiger Scout, is saying “You’ll do it, right Mom” . Yeah, maybe. Then at the meeting itself…. “We really need a Tiger Den Leader”. And wouldn’t ya know it… My mouth pops open and says…. “Yes, I’ll give it a try”, damn mouth, gets me in all sorts of trouble! However in this case I won’t be alone, a cute little Mom said she’d help. 
So congrats to Missy C… and me for being co-leaders of ours boys Tiger Den… Bless our little hearts!


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